Wind Energy
Aosheng Pultruded Profiles

Aosheng Pultruded Profiles

    Product Category: Wind Power

    Product specifications: 100 CFP, 105 CFP, 120 CFP, 150 CFP, 200 CFP

    Process: Rapid pultrusion


    It has excellent mechanical properties and process performance, high production efficiency, good stability and high reliability, which can meet the requirements of wind power blades

    The advantages of Aosheng Carbon Board:

    Aosheng carbon fiber pultruded sheet is used in the main beam of wind power blades, which simplifies the process and reduces the cost.

    Aosheng’s spreading of large tow carbon fiber, resin matrix, fiber surface treatment technology, stabilized pultrusion sheet forming process and equipment, online testing and feedback, production and testing auxiliary tooling and fixtures, and complete quality control system, etc. 


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